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Build generational health.

Modern personal health software for you to access your past, manage your present, and build a foundation for the future of your family's health.


In pregnancy and beyond.

pregnant woman

What is generational health?



Historical medical records and health information organized into a timeline of your health, like never before, that stays safely with you. Anywhere.



Your GPS and nav system built on top of your unique data map - to improve your pregnancy care experience and outcomes

- today.



 A lifelong, practical health resource for you and enduring foundation for your family's health. Shift medicine towards personalized preemptive health, for everyone.



We're Trellis Health.

The first smart health record, in your pocket, purpose built for generational health.


Starting with the epic health journey that is pregnancy. 

80% of health outcomes happen outside your doctor's office. Trellis Health helps coordinate care between home and the clinic, and arms you with what you need to captain your own health. Because no-one cares about your health outcomes more than you. 

I'm a PhD scientist, a geneticist, and psychology nerd. I spent a career in "big-data healthcare" at the forefront of precision medicine. I'm also a mama. 


Trellis Health is a brave new way to think about pregnancy health.

You're already building the next generation of humanity. Join us in building the next generation of medicine. It's time. 







your complete health data app


Effortless onboarding 

Onboard securely on your phone, anytime, in minutes. 

Fill out basic information and take a picture. Your health information populates in your timeline automatically.
It's that easy.

For real - no passwords, no faxes, no phone calls or even remembering who your provider was 5 years ago - or last year.

See your complete health journey in a single timeline

Our parents and grandparents had family doctors who saw our family health journeys over lifetimes - we don't have that anymore.

Today - no one has a complete picture of you - let alone your lifetime health. Not even you.

Trellis Health brings medical records, genetics, wearables, medications, vaccine history, and more together seamlessly and visually into a timeline of your health, that says with you. And starts to build intelligent insights on top of that.

We help you see around corners.


you don't have to hold the
in your head.


Your information in one place is just the beginning. 

Most pregnancy tracking tools are generic, overwhelming and irrelevant. Managing your daily health is full of friction, work and mental load. And you probably just guess when asked, or forget things, because - life. 

Experience personalized smart tools to improve the experience of managing and communicating your health.

Capture more insight - with less work.

It's like an operating system for your health, in your pocket.

Care co-ordination tools that highlight and surface what you need to know and help you communicate efficiently with anyone.

Lean on automated health summaries ahead of every prenatal visit (no more apple notes in the clinic waiting room).

Know if a medication might be incompatible. See patterns, trends and flags. Get insights into how your body is working for you, whether you have conditions to manage or a low-risk pregnancy.

Trellis Health stays one step ahead of you.

Turn your health data into
seamless personalized support


different health data sources (avg). You onboard to a maternity  provider who often doesn't have time or easy access to your complete history.


the number of health services during pregnancy vs prior. You'll spend a lot of time telling your story in prenatal visits.


of maternal deaths are preventable.
You deserve to have the 
tools to be empowered, listened to, and supported regardless of who you are.

Strictly limited spots.

Free for life for beta users. Cancel anytime.

Information is power

Today, we don't understand how our bodies work, for pregnancy, fertility and a multitude of things beyond reproduction. And your records are typically deleted after 10 years.

We are here to shift these statistics.

  • Women were blocked from clinical research before1993.

  • Women are diagnosed 4+ years later than men for >770 diseases.

  • A history of preeclampsia has a 2-4x increased risk of heart disease - and we don't know why, or what causes preeclampsia (heart disease is the number one cause of death for women) 

  • < 11% research funding goes to women's health

  • Women suffer more adverse reactions to medications than men, because drug dosing guidelines are based on men - and women are not "small men"

Information is power. It has been since the dawn of time.

It's historically been blocked from women and health is no different. We are so far behind.

We don’t own your health data, you do.

Privacy and security are built in, to keep you in control. Your data is always end-to-end encrypted and is never sold or shared, even "de-identified", without your explicit knowledge and consent

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Pregnant Woman in Nature

Identity protection

We use advanced identity verification in app, to make sure "you are you". We only collect & release medical data after verification. We believe you have a right to your information and identity should not be used as a reason to block you from access. 

Information use

Your data is used to create personal health insights, summaries, and reminders to support effortless day-to-day health management. We work with a team of medical professionals and maternity specialists to coordinate your care, every step of the way. You control the settings and preferences for your information use.


Your data is never shared without your consent. Our banking-grade technology is fully HIPAA-compliant. With patent-pending privacy algorithms. We also take security seriously -  and it's different from privacy. 

As private as your iPhone

We believe Privacy is a basic human right. 

Especially when it comes to your reproductive health journey.


We build with advanced privacy technology, patented privacy preserving algorithms, and deep security expertise (white hat hackers). We believe that today - your health data isn't secure enough and are building a system so private, no-one else will see your information (not even us).

Data privacy

Personal health insights

Pick one


 What people are saying

"it wouldn't just chance my pregnancy journey, it would change my life. I can't even put it into words or put a dollar amount next to it, it would be a game changer. Amazing."

- Caroline -

Just because motherhood is messy and imperfect - doesn’t mean your health information should be.

Limited spots. Free for life for beta users. Cancel anytime.

Tree on Cliff

We're here to organize the world's health information - one family at a time - to improve human health.

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