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Health support
as unique as you
& this journey.

 A complete picture of your health, at your fingertips in minutes, with tailored software tools that empower you to be an owner of your health.


In pregnancy and beyond.

pregnant woman with cellphone


your complete health data app


Effortless in-app onboarding. 

No remembering passwords, no faxes, no calling your Dr or even remembering who your provider was 5 years ago. Onboarding happens on app in minutes. Securely. 


All your data. Integrated. At your fingertips.

You have a lot of logins for health data. No one has a complete picture of you. Not even you. Trellis Health brings medical records, genetics, wearables, medications, vaccines, provider contacts and more together seamlessly. This foundation is ready to serve your health journey through pregnancy and for life. 


Automated health management reminders.

Tools that stay one step ahead of you on the journey. Predictive reminders based on your unique health data. Put the day-to-day health management on autopilot whether you have conditions to manage or are blessed with a low-risk pregnancy.


Insights + summaries to empower you in your body.

Most appointments are 10 minutes. We believe empowered patients improve health outcomes. Discover software that helps you communicate with your care team and navigate this profound health journey with confidence and ease.


We believe Privacy is a basic human right. 

Especially when it comes to your reproductive health journey.

Data privacy

Personal health insights

Pick one two




Privacy by Design

We don’t own your health data, you do.

Your data is always encrypted and is never sold or shared, even "de-identified", without your explicit knowledge and consent (no fine print). 






Advanced identity verification seamlessly on app, to make sure "you are you". We only collect & release medical data after verification. We believe you have a right to your information and identity should not be used as a reason to block you from access. 







Your data is used to create automated personal health insights, summaries, and reminders to support effortless day-to-day health management. We practice least-privilege access control and our staff undergo role specific training. You can control settings and preferences at any time.


your data




Your data is never shared without your consent. Our enterprise-grade technology is 100% HIPAA-compliant. With patent-pending privacy algorithms, it's so private you will even know if we access your data.








Trellis Health is a safe place to store your health information at your fingertips, in one place. Always encrypted, in-transit and at-rest with 256-bit encryption. We take security seriously -  and it's different from privacy. 

Turn your complete health data into
seamless personalized support


different health data sources (and passwords) for the average person 


the number of engagements with health services during pregnancy versus before (annually)

270 million

people's comprehensive health
records able to be integrated and connected through Trellis Health

 Navigate your pregnancy and ongoing family health with confidence, precision and ease. We got you.

Over time your Trellis Health platform gets smarter and your mind gets lighter.

 What people are saying

"A platform like this that integrates all my and my families health and medical data together - everything, it wouldn't just chance my pregnancy journey, it would change my life. I can't even put it into words or put a dollar amount next to it, it would be a game changer. Amazing."

- Caroline -

Imagine a world where health data is truly yours, and it's portable and useful, and healthcare gets better as a result of that.

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